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Trust Automation


Automate the complete cycle of your Trust Operation,
in an easy and safe way.

Ideas casos de uso de Budawho

Main Features
for Trust automation

Icono Configuración

General configuration

  • Business Parameterization

  • User Management

  • User permissions by role

  • Accounting Configuration

  • Bulk data upload wizard

Icono estructuración de Negocios

Business Structuring

  • Record & discharge  of Trusts

  • Record of Trust participants-KYC

  • Bank accounts registration

  • Record of Goods & Assets

  • Task Creation and Management

Icono Operación de negocios

Trust Operation

  • Income and Expenses management

  • Task Management

  • Alerts and notifications

  • Document management

  • Accounting

Icono reportería


  • Interactive Reports

  • Custom queries and reports

  • Generation of:

    • Financial Statements

    • Balance Sheets

I want more information about 
SaaS For Trustees

What fiduciary businesses
can I automate with
SaaS For Trustees

Usuarios de negocios


Icono Administración

Administration & Payment Trusts

Icono Inmobiliario

Real Estate

Icono Testamentarios


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